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How Teeth Whitening Works

how teeth whitening works

To understand how teeth whitening works, it is important to understand how stain removal is achieved. It’s important to understand that the stains that are visible on your teeth actually occur in the pores on the surface of the tooth. When you have these stains, the whitening system acts by penetrating these pores to break them up and remove the stains. There are two types of stains: the external and the internal ones. While the latter are easier to remove, the former are difficult to remove.

The first method involves using an ultraviolet light, which causes a whitish tinge on the tooth. The UV light used in the initial stages of the whitening process has been linked to cancer. The use of these lights is not recommended due to their possible harmful effects. These chemicals are harmful to the health of the teeth and can damage the surrounding tissues. However, if you’re worried about the risks, you can opt for a laser-based whitening procedure.

Another method of teeth whitening uses light-emitting diodes, which release a single wavelength of light when exposed to electricity. While they were originally used in the eradication process, these diodes have been linked to the development of cancer. Because these are potentially dangerous, they are no longer used in this method. A safe option for teeth whitening is to visit a dentist and follow up for a few months to see results.

How Teeth Whitening Works

In general, whitening the teeth involves bleaching the surface of the teeth using a laser or curing light. During this process, the stain molecules are converted into single carbon bonds. The hydrogen peroxide present in teeth-whitening products, such as GLO Science, vaporizes the stain molecules. The hydrogen peroxide is a key ingredient in the process. When used without tray but safely, this process is extremely safe.

Teeth whitening is an effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. The process is safe and effective, and it can be done with little to no discomfort. You must consult with a dentist in order to determine the best method for you. A dentist can help you choose the right product for your needs. The treatment is an investment in your oral health. While it is important to have a dentist who will ensure your safety, the results are worth it.

When it comes to teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful whitening agent that is effective against both surface and interior stain molecules. It works by converting the double carbon bonds that are on the surface of teeth into single ones, which is a much more efficient process. Unlike other whitening methods, it is important to follow the instructions of the dentist to avoid side effects. It is very important to make sure you’re using the right product.

The whitening process starts with your dentist preparing your teeth. He applies a special gel, which is designed to brighten your smile. Next, he activates the peroxide with a laser or curing light. After 15 minutes, the gel is rinsed off and dried. The procedure is repeated until you have reached the desired shade. To keep the results long-term, you should repeat the whitening process three to four times.

The temperature is also crucial. Too much heat will cause sensitivity, so you should only use the whitening gel at a moderate temperature. Too many sessions will lead to a yellow tint, but the whitening gels can also make your teeth sensitive. Fortunately, most products can be tested before being purchased. And remember, the risk of sensitivity is minimal. The cost of whitening is often a small price to pay for the whiter teeth you’ll get.

The process of whitening your teeth is an important part of maintaining oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth regularly to keep them healthy. It is important to remember that if you have a habit of smoking, you should also avoid the products that contain a high amount of tobacco. These products contain chemicals that can lead to cancer. A dentist will advise you on the best ways to clean your teeth with the whitening solution. A good dental hygiene routine is essential.


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